So you have written a book, a manuscript or some other type of reading material that you would like to make public? Then one of the first things that you are going to need is a list of publishers. When you go into the publishing phase of the writing process is simply means that you are trying to make your idea public. Publishing is a process that everyone has been a part of at one time or another; even though it may not be on a professional level we have all been publishers at one point in our lives. Publishing is simply the process of sprucing up your book or idea. Publishers like to make your ideas look enticing to readers which make it profitable to the publishing companies.

Publishing is a tough business. On average only about twelve percent of all content that is submitted to the publishers is accepted and put through the publishing process. Publishing is a time sensitive process as well. Not only do you want to get publishers your product and ideas first but you want to be through the publishing process first as well. If you are a front runner and get your ideas out before the competition you will definitely be way ahead of the game and making a profit while they are still back at the publishing starting line. During the publishing process you may run into some legal issues as far as free content is concerned. can give you more in depth and comprehensive readings on publishing and free content and legal issues that you may run into along the publishing road. Publishers that you may use are very well versed in how to turn a profit. These publishing companies know how to make a profit out of pure content which may be why so many things that are presented to publishers are rejected. If you are in the market for publishers or publishing companies and you aren’t sure where to find the right one all you have to do is research. Just like searching for editors or even agents you want to research the track record of publishers for your own protection and success.

If you are thinking about getting your ideas out there you may want to also research and employ an agent. Although this is not a necessary thing it may be easier for you to land a deal with a publishing house and your agent can communicate with them on your behalf. An agent can negotiate deals with publishers as well as he or she having the knowledge of the book selling world. If you would like to know more about this process that every published author has to go through check out This site can provide you with step by step comprehensive details on which you may need to go through to finally become published and accredited.